How to arrange a surgery with Dr. Arthur Gaboyan in Moscow, Russia?

Step 1

Get an online consultation. Please, feel free to send us a few of your photos so that Doctor could give his suggestions. Then we tell you the prices in your case.


The price of the surgery includes:

    • anaesthesia;
    • compressive garments (if necessary);
    • implants (if the surgery presupposes them);
    • hospital stay – 1day/1 night, including medical care and meals;
    • post-op treatment at our clinic.


Additional expenses:

    • airtickets;
    • accommodation;
    • pre-op tests (to be done in Moscow). Check out the list of the necessary tests here;
    • post-op meds according to our prescription (will be given after the operation);
    • extra nights at the clinic.
Step 2

We adjust a date of your surgery according to Doctor’s schedule.

Step 3

You arrange your trip to Moscow, Russia. Please, checkout the travel policy of your country. You may need a visa to come to Russia.

The Clinic address is the following:

2nd Tverskoy-Yamskoy Lane, 10

Step 4

You arrive to Moscow 2-3 days before the Surgery Day. Our team will meet you at the airport and accompany to your hotel.

Step 5

We accompany you to local medical centres to do all the necessary pre-op tests.

Step 6

We meet at the clinic on the Operation Day. You have an appointment with Doctor and have a detailed consultation, discussing the plan of the surgery


After that we arrange all the paperwork and you make the payment. Please, notice that we charge in Russian currency (Rubles). You can pay in cas (in Rubles) or by card. If you pay by card, please, be sure that your bank doesn’t impose any restrictions on transactions from abroad.

Step 7

Magic time! You have your surgery performed (and your dream come true).


Step 8
    • If your surgery is performed with local anaesthesia, you are allowed to leave the Clinic a couple of hours after the operation and come back to your hotel
    • If your surgery is performed with general anaesthesia, you stay at the clinic for a night. The next day we do a check-up
Step 9

You come to see Doctor 1-2 times before you travel back home for check-ups and post-op treatment. During our online consultation we will recommend you how many days you should stay after the surgery (it depends on the kind of a surgery: you may need to stay from 1 to 7 days after the opertaion).

Step 10

You travel back home and we keep in touch online. You can always send us your photos and questions via WhatsApp.

Preparing for the surgery


Please read if you are a woman: (when planning a surgery date)It’s best to plan surgery for when you are not having your period.
All surgeries
Let the doctor know all the medicines you take.
Please note, all test results are only valid for a certain time.
Lymphatic drainage massage is highly recommended (it will help to reduce the swelling post-surgery). Please note, all massage treatments should be discontinued 1 week before your operation.
It’s important to refrain from alcohol for 7-10 days before surgery day.
Surgeries under general anaesthesiaPlease purchase compression stockings type 3 of compression.
FacioplastyHydrating and exfoliating treatments are good in preparing for a face surgery. Please note, all treatments should be discontinued 1 week before your operation.

2-3 days before surgery day

All surgeries including rhinoplastyHair removal from the area is required (please use trimmer, razor or waxing/sugaring procedure).
Blepharoplasty Please remove any lash extensions.
Mammoplasty Please refrain from armpit hair removal (to avoid any skin inflammation/razor burn).

Before surgery day:

  1. Find time to relax. Full rest and good sleep are highly recommended.
  2. Please ensure your phone is fully charged.

Day of your surgery: at home

Surgeries under local anaesthesiaYou can eat, and we encourage you to do so
Surgeries under general anaesthesiaPlease do not eat or drink 6 hours before the surgery
  1. Keep your skin and hair clean: do not put any beauty products or perfume on.
  2. Do not wear any jewellery (leave it at home).
  3. Wear loose, comfortable clothes.
  4. Checklist before you leave:
    • passport;
    • test results;
    • phone charger;
    • compression stockings (for surgeries under general anaesthesia);
    • if you wear contact lenses, please bring a container for them.

Please, feel free to get in touch with us for any requirments

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(certificate №0023/01 of 10.10.2019 issued by Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare (Roszdravnadzor)